Flying Lotus + Earl Sweatshirt + Captain Murphy = “Between Friends”


Flying Lotus has a new album coming out in October, and listening to this new track from the guy makes it sound like he’s retained the space-travelling sound that’s made his past three LPs such visceral experiences. Only on this new track, FlyLo seems to have brought along some eager new space cadets. “Between Friends” finds Odd Future star Earl Sweatshirt and Captain Murphy (whom Pitchfork theorize might actually be Tyler, the Creator) trading raspy verses over some interstellar beats and jazzy keyboards that sound like they might be beamed through space in an attempt to contact aliens, or played by the long fingers of some extraterrestrial creatures themselves. It all makes for more evidence in the compelling case that nobody does collabs quite like Flying Lotus. “Between Friends” apparently won’t be featuring on FlyLo’s new record, but be sure to keep a look out for Until the Quiet Comes, dropping October 2 on Warp.

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